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Title Air Date Series
Jewish Blues 1978 WBAI / NPR
Eighty Yard Run, The 1978 WBAI / NPR
Early Stories from NPR Playhouse 1979 WBAI / NPR
American Hero Workshop, An 1979 WBAI / NPR
A Call In The Night 1979 WBAI / NPR
Arena 1979 WBAI / NPR
Death Of Trotsky, The 1979 WBAI / NPR
Til You're Gone 1979 WBAI / NPR
Summer Notes 1979 WBAI / NPR
White Elephants 1980 WBAI / NPR
The Rare Recording 1980 WBAI / NPR
Joe Frank In Concert 1981 WBAI / NPR
Lies 1982 WBAI / NPR
Pilot 1983 WBAI / NPR
The End 1983 WBAI / NPR
Decline Of Spengler, The 1983 WBAI / NPR
The Queen Of Puerto Rico 1983 WBAI / NPR
Sales 1983 WBAI / NPR
Warheads 1983 WBAI / NPR
Questions 1983 WBAI / NPR
Tour Of The City, A (Part 1) 1984 WBAI / NPR
Tour Of The City, A (Part 2) 1984 WBAI / NPR
Across The River 1984 WBAI / NPR
Dreams Of The River 1985 Work In Progress
Dear Annie 1985 Work In Progress
Pact With God, A 1985 Work In Progress
Pretender 1985 Work In Progress
When She's Asleep, She Looks Like An Angel 1985 Work In Progress
Photography 1986 Work In Progress
Rain 1986 Work In Progress
Talking About Love 1986 Work In Progress
Another Country (Part 1) 1986 Work In Progress
Another Country (Part 2) 1986 Work In Progress
Another Country (Part 3) 1986 Work In Progress
Landing Strip In The Jungle, A 1986 Work In Progress
No Show 1986 Work In Progress
Let Me Not Dream 1986 Work In Progress
Case Studies 1986 Work In Progress
Cocktails Before Dinner 1986 Work In Progress
Dreamland 1986 Work In Progress
Rose 1986 Work In Progress
Why I Don't Love You Anymore 1986 Work In Progress
Tell Me What To Do 1986 Work In Progress
Highways West 1986 Work In Progress
Nightride 1986 Work In Progress
Rent A Family (Part 1) 1987 Work In Progress
Rent A Family (Part 2) 1987 Work In Progress
Rent A Family (Part 3) 1987 Work In Progress
In The Middle Of Nowhere (Part 1) 1987 Work In Progress
In The Middle Of Nowhere (Part 2) 1987 Work In Progress
In The Middle Of Nowhere (Part 3) 1987 Work In Progress
Policeman's Ball, The 1987 Work In Progress
He Hesitated 1987 Work In Progress
At The Border 1987 Work In Progress
Thank You, You're Beautiful 1987 Work In Progress
To The Bar Life 1987 Work In Progress
Emergency Room 1988 Work In Progress
Stories For Nothing 1988 Work In Progress
Building A Church 1988 Work In Progress
Street, The 1988 Work In Progress
Lines 1988 Work In Progress
Words 1988 Work In Progress
Five Part Dissonance 1988 Work In Progress
Emerald Isle 1988 Work In Progress
Home 1988 Work In Progress
Islands 1988 Work In Progress
Sleep 1988 Work In Progress
Performer 1989 Work In Progress
More I Know You, The 1989 Work In Progress
Road To Hell 1989 Work In Progress
Nausea 1989 Work In Progress
Bad 1989 Work In Progress
Great Lives 1989 Work In Progress
Night (Part 1) 1989 Work In Progress
Night (Part 2) 1989 Work In Progress
Truth About Women, The (Part 1) 1990 Work In Progress
Truth About Women, The (Part 2) 1990 Work In Progress
I'm Not Crazy 1990 Work In Progress
Iceland (Part 1) 1990 Work In Progress
Iceland (Part 2) 1990 Work In Progress
Iceland (Part 3) 1990 Work In Progress
Dictator, The (Part 1) 1991 Work In Progress
Dictator, The (Part 2) 1991 Work In Progress
Dictator, The (Part 3) 1991 Work In Progress
On The Edge 1991 Work In Progress
Redneck Rounder 1992 Work In Progress
El Cholo (In The Beginning) 1992 Work In Progress
Best, The 1992 Work In Progress
In The Dark (Part 1) 1992 Work In Progress
In The Dark (Part 2) 1992 Work In Progress
Two Babes 1992 Work In Progress
God 1993 In The Dark
Problems 1993 In The Dark
Smile 1993 In The Dark
Green Cadillac 1993 In The Dark
When I'm Calling You 1993 In The Dark
Loved One, The 1993 In The Dark
Coma 1993 In The Dark
Just A Closer Walk With Thee 1993 In The Dark
A Special Family 1993 In The Dark
Taylor 1993 In The Dark
Tomorrow 1994 In The Dark
Cruise, The 1994 In The Dark
Hit Man 1994 In The Dark
A Natural Disaster 1994 In The Dark
That Night 1994 In The Dark
Just Hold Me 1994 In The Dark
Hawaii 1994 In The Dark
Soul Mate 1994 In The Dark
Either Or (Part 1) 1994 In The Dark
Either Or (Part 2) 1994 In The Dark
Anthology Of Love (Part 1) 1994 In The Dark
Anthology Of Love (Part 2) 1994 In The Dark
Jerry's World (Part 1) 1994 In The Dark
Jerry's World (Part 2) 1994 In The Dark
Jerry's World (Part 3) 1994 In The Dark
Loner 1994 In The Dark
Last Run, The 1994 In The Dark
Prayer 1994 In The Dark
Haiti 1994 In The Dark
A Hearing 1994 In The Dark
Raymond 1995 In The Dark
Hot Line 1995 In The Dark
In A Lonely Place 1995 In The Dark
Lila And The Professor 1995 In The Dark
Streetwise 1995 In The Dark
Prayer (Remix) 1995 Somewhere Out There
Death In The Family, A (Remix) 1996 Somewhere Out There
Loved One, The (Remix) 1996 Somewhere Out There
Five Part Dissonance (Remix) 1996 Somewhere Out There
Eye In The Sky 01/07/1996 Somewhere Out There
Three Shingles 01/14/1996 Somewhere Out There
Obsessions 01/21/1996 Somewhere Out There
Bible Salesman 02/11/1996 Somewhere Out There
Sacred, The 02/25/1996 Somewhere Out There
Road To Calvary, The 03/03/1996 Somewhere Out There
God Only Knows 03/10/1996 Somewhere Out There
Just Get Me Out Of Here 03/17/1996 Somewhere Out There
River, The 03/31/1996 Somewhere Out There
Justine 04/07/1996 Somewhere Out There
White Moon 04/13/1996 Somewhere Out There
Red Sea 04/28/1996 Somewhere Out There
Enterprising Man, An 05/26/1996 Somewhere Out There
Lost Soul 06/01/1996 Somewhere Out There
Mountain Rain 06/09/1996 Somewhere Out There
Escape From Paradise 06/30/1996 Somewhere Out There
Reprise 07/28/1996 Somewhere Out There
Anthology Of Love (Remix) 09/01/1996 Somewhere Out There
O.J. Chronicles, The 10/06/1996 Somewhere Out There
I'm Not Crazy (Remix) 11/03/1996 Somewhere Out There
Policeman's Ball, The (Remix) 11/10/1996 Somewhere Out There
Joe Frank's America 12/15/1996 Somewhere Out There
Phone Therapy 1997 Somewhere Out There
Women Police Officers 1997 Somewhere Out There
Blues Singer 01/12/1997 Somewhere Out There
Pathology 1997 Somewhere Out There
Philosophy 01/19/1997 Somewhere Out There
Third World Country 02/16/1997 Somewhere Out There
Journal 03/01/1997 Somewhere Out There
Other Side, The 03/16/1997 Somewhere Out There
Rent A Family (Remix) 03/23/1997 Somewhere Out There
Arena (Remix) 04/06/1997 Somewhere Out There
Soul Mate (Remix) 05/17/1997 Somewhere Out There
Black Light 04/20/1997 Somewhere Out There
Fat Man Down 05/24/1997 Somewhere Out There
Talk To Me 06/07/1997 Somewhere Out There
Bible Stories 07/20/1997 Somewhere Out There
Last Show 1997 Somewhere Out There
Pledge Drive Summer 1997 1997 Somewhere Out There
At The Dark End Of The Bar 12/31/1998 Somewhere Out There
Love Is 10/03/1999 The Other Side
Windows 10/10/1999 The Other Side
Jam 10/17/1999 The Other Side
No Angel 10/24/1999 The Other Side
Prison Songs 10/31/1999 The Other Side
Box, The 11/07/1999 The Other Side
Higher Learning 11/14/1999 The Other Side
Holy Land 11/14/1999 The Other Side
Pilgrim 11/21/1999 The Other Side
On The Edge (Remix) 11/28/1999 The Other Side
Predator 12/05/1999 The Other Side
Clement At Christmas 12/12/1999 The Other Side
Lover Man 12/19/1999 The Other Side
Mercy 01/16/2000 The Other Side
At Last 01/23/2000 The Other Side
Two Women 03/01/2000 The Other Side
Zen 03/12/2000 The Other Side
Wire, The 03/26/2000 The Other Side
Nature Of Things, The 04/03/2000 The Other Side
Karma (Part 1) 04/16/2000 The Other Side
Karma (Part 2) 04/23/2000 The Other Side
Karma (Part 3) 04/30/2000 The Other Side
Karma (Part 4) 05/14/2000 The Other Side
Karma (Part 5) 05/21/2000 The Other Side
Karma (Part 6) 05/28/2000 The Other Side
Karma (Part 7) 06/18/2000 The Other Side
Bad Karma 07/09/2000 The Other Side
Evening Sky 07/16/2000 The Other Side
Karma For Dollars 01/14/2001 The Other Side
Karma Don't Deny Me 07/30/2000 The Other Side
Pledge Drive Rough Cuts 08/01/2000 The Other Side
Karma Redux 10/01/2000 The Other Side
Waiting For Karma 10/05/2000 The Other Side
Small World Karma 10/08/2000 The Other Side
Karma Memories 10/22/2000 The Other Side
Karma Crash 11/05/2000 The Other Side
Silent Sea 11/12/2000 The Other Side
Mystery 11/19/2000 The Other Side
Brothers 11/26/2000 The Other Side
Bitter Pill 12/03/2000 The Other Side
Sunday Morning Service 12/10/2000 The Other Side
Caged Heart 12/17/2000 The Other Side
At The Dark End Of The Bar (Remix) 12/31/2000 The Other Side
Cave Dreamer 01/06/2001 The Other Side
Insomnia (2001) 01/14/2001 The Other Side
Always 01/21/2001 The Other Side
Where Will It End 02/18/2001 The Other Side
Fire And Ice 03/04/2001 The Other Side
Angina Dialogues, The 03/11/2001 The Other Side
Love Prisoner 03/18/2001 The Other Side
Waiting For The Bell 04/22/2001 The Other Side
Woman And Bull In Paint Factory 04/29/2001 The Other Side
Four Part Dissonance 05/13/2001 The Other Side
Emptiness 05/27/2001 The Other Side
Summer Hill 06/03/2001 The Other Side
What Do Women Want 06/06/2001 The Other Side
Don't Know Mind 06/17/2001 The Other Side
Future, The 07/07/2001 The Other Side
Margarita 07/08/2001 The Other Side
Stoner 07/22/2001 The Other Side
Men Of The Cloth 08/01/2001 The Other Side
Terminal 08/05/2001 The Other Side
Plerophory Of Pain 08/12/2001 The Other Side
Black Hole 09/16/2001 The Other Side
In The Dark (Remix) 12/02/2001 The Other Side
Endings 01/20/2002 The Other Side
Time's Arrow 10/10/2004 Online
Duplicity 11/06/2004 Online
Bottle For A Headstone 12/06/2004 Online
Fire 01/12/2005 Online
Debi Mae At Burning Man 02/23/2005 Online
Bad Faith 03/15/2005 Online
Goodbye 12/30/2006 Online
Just An Ordinary Man 03/26/2010 Online
Dreamers 07/04/2012 Unfictional
Thief 09/25/2012 Unfictional
Old Man 11/13/2012 Unfictional
A Conversation 01/29/2013 Unfictional
A Hollywood True Story 04/02/2013 Unfictional
Reality Check 06/21/2013 Unfictional
A Life Well Lived 10/04/2013 Unfictional
Isolation 04/01/2014 Unfictional
Sunken Ship 10/23/2014 Unfictional
The Poor Are Always With Us 05/29/2015 Unfictional
Downfall 10/16/2015 Unfictional