Lester Nafzger

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Lester Nafzger

Lester Nafzger met Joe Frank when both were attending the Iowa Writers Workshop, and he has been involved in several of Joe's radio programs.

He co-wrote and played the title role in Performer, in which he recites his 26 (and counting) definitive life reference points, linchpins of his existence.

He has appeared in the following programs:

"Lester Ainslie" is a stage name he sometimes uses.

"Lester Ainslie" and "Alan Barron" had a heated debate during a segment featuring a discussion of the Fast Piano Players League in Arena. "Lester" had been following "Alan" around the world demanding to compete against him on the piano. Such competitions were called "Play-Offs". "Alan" steadfastly refused to play any of the newer works by Australian composers, because the Fast Piano Players League didn't recognize any piece written before 1900.