Til You're Gone

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Til You're Gone
WBAI And NPR Playhouse
Original Broadcast Date
Arthur Miller, Robin Bartlette, Tim Jerome, Paul Mantell, Irene Wagner, Eric Sears, Rosemary Foley, David St. James, Marcel Rosenblatt, Joe Frank. "Til You're Gone" original song performed by Arthur Miller.
1 hour
Preceded by: The Death Of Trotsky
Followed by: Summer Notes

"It was one of those hot and humid summer nights. I'd just finished working out at the stadium where I was practicing for the Olympic trials in the decathalon..."

Til You're Gone is the name of a program Joe Frank produced as part of the series WBAI And NPR Playhouse.


A ticking clock, and music: "Your father was a picture on the wall. . ." Actors read personals ads. Joe talks about a brief beach-side fling with a woman when he was a college athlete. A couple on the beach, Philip and Doris, fight about looking at other women. A panel discussion about the importance of Freud's diet and the origin of German food. Philip and Doris fight in a restaurant. Joe visits the town of his childhood and is berated for not having written by the wrong mother. Joe is in a battle against an army of women in a laundry room. Joe visits his mother. Philip and Doris fight in bed. A consciousness lowering group. Pianos as lovers. A mock movie news program about German war criminals disguised as Latinos, observant Jews, catholic priests. Second person reminiscences about love among Nazis. An academic discussion and interpretation of the acted scenes.

Interesting Facts

The version of this on joefrank.com differs slightly from the original broadcast.



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