Woman And Bull In Paint Factory

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Woman and Bull in Paint Factory[1]
The Other Side
Original Broadcast Date
Arthur Miller, Jane Hunt, Tim Jerome, Paul Mantell, Carolyn Swift, Tess Gallagher, Ryan Cutrona, Porter Fielding, Larry Block, Joe Frank
1 hour
Preceded by: Waiting For The Bell
Followed by: Four Part Dissonance

"Settle back and get very comfortable, let everything go."

Woman and Bull in Paint Factory is the name of a program Joe Frank produced as part of the series The Other Side. It was originally broadcast on April 29, 2001.


  • A female hypnotist voice.
  • Joe calls for Koko. A man sings "There Will Never Be Another You." Someone screams colors and words against a low pitched humming.
  • Young people arguing with street proselytizers mixed with a discussion of the River Valley children's camp in the jungle which resembles a bizarre prison camp. Preachers speak, group Hymns, all mixed with River Valley discussion.
  • Calling for Koko. Joe sings Jazz standards. Colors and humming.
  • A woman talks about her mother pretending to sell her to gypsies.
  • "This spirit cannot fail you" preacher. Sermon about the return of Jesus, standing up for god.
  • A confused, conflicting, exaggerated life history: mount Rushmore, studying abroad.
  • Street preacher confronts students - god is truth, thus there is only one god.
  • Scene from Jewish Blues in which a son tells his father he's converting to Christianity.
  • Ardent, exaggerated voice - self mutilation in church to get the attention of Esmerelda.
  • A yogi is driven to eat meat by Hippies.
  • Cutrona's "I've seen god in [household objects] " monologue.

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Shares material with Let Me Not Dream, Building A Church, Great Lives, and other programs.


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